A Goldfish For Petite (2008)


A Goldfish for Petite is a semi-autobiographical video game whose prime mechanic centers around altering your environment by affecting your mood through character interactions. The game takes place in your mind and so every character represents a facet of your personality or a memory; that being said, the inhabitants of your mind still have their own sets of beliefs and customs, social classes and hierarchies. By seeking out specific characters and talking to them, you affect your own mood, thus affecting the gameplay (changing the weather etc). 

Since I am not a programmer, the prototype flash game was programmed and scored with the help of my professors at the time. The graphics and concept however are mine, as are all 2D graphics, tiling and animation.

The final project consisted of:

Design Document(s)
Script (Story and Dialog)
Character book with character descriptions
2D Game Prototype of the first level


A Goldfish for Petite was the first of its kind out of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. I graduated top of my class with this narrative-heavy effort and was awarded a scholarship that allowed me to pursue higher studies in Paris’ Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux Arts.

This project paved the way for an interactive art and video game centric program now available at the Fine Arts department of my school. You’re welcome, Lebanon. 


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