Dina is a game artist and narrative designer.


She is Lebanese fluent in Arabic, French, English and Japanese. No stranger to travel, she has lived, studied and worked in cities from Beirut to Paris to Oslo to Koln to Osaka. She's rubbed elbows with numerous industry titans, although she probably should have just talked to them instead – rubbing elbows is as painful as it is awkward, it turns out. 

She's wholly dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling, and commands her own host of tales you won't quite believe are true. To hear them, promise her exactly one glass of chilled rosé in trade. Maybe you'll get to talk too, no promises. Let's see how it goes.

Dina has a splendid purebred rescue cat named Potato. This is important. Potato is definitely not the one typing this right now. Now go hire her so she can feed me.


If you still want to know more check out the Sup Holmes video below where she talks about life as a game developer in Japan!

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