I do commission work for various publications.


The fine folks at Sufficiently Human are putting out a quarterly videogame arts criticism magazine called Sufficiently Human Quarterly (SHQ) and I had the pleasure of painting the next issue's cover. Good luck spotting all the game references...


The second piece is a cover for Unwinnable Weekly's Put This In Your Brain, a collection of their best games writing from 2015. I bet you didn't know you wanted a cigarette so good it summons cloud puking Magikarps until now, did you?


The last three pieces are for the lebanese print magazine F/I/M²/P, for which I was a regular contributor.


Dina Fact: My first two pieces have a happy tooth tattoo on their shoulders. There are more scattered throughout my portfolio. Be the first to find and send them all to me and I'll doodle you a 30 second thing. 

© 2016 by Dina Abou Karam