Plushed (for iOS)


Plushed (independently published by BlackSmith Games, Germany is the first iOS platformer I worked on. It's been downloaded over 400,000 times since it was published as a paid app.

I was the art lead, art director, game designer, head level designer, writer and concept artist.
 Plushed was the US iTunes Store's Game of the Week when it was released in December 2009. Reviews for the game all praise the creativity, fun writing and careful art direction that went into making it; all aspects I had a direct hand in and creative control. 

My responsibilities also included managing the small but tight art team and serving as the technical link between the programmers and artists. 

From reviews of the game: 

"Quirky and beautiful [...] the art design in Plushed is wonderful, the level design was ultimately fun, and the in-jokes and pop culture references delightful." - touchArcade 

"I have fallen in love with it. [...] Vibrant visuals and polished hand-drawn characters" - 

"The developers have crafted an artful game world, where every element meshes and fits perfectly with everything else." - 

"Plushed has quite a few things going for it, beginning with the storyline. A wonderful twisted fairy tale, and you’ll want to make it all the way through..." - AppAdvice


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